Homemade Mr. Bubble using Young Living Essential Oils

I’ve been thinking about making this for awhile, but decided to finally do it – when it was yet, again, a time to buy another bottle of Mr. Bubble. So, as I was heading for the aisle the houses the beloved Mr. Bubble, I decided I would try to make MY OWN version, using products I already have on hand and with the added benefits of Young Living Essential Oils.

I actually think this recipe works better than the store-bought Mr.Bubble and who even knows how much I’m saving by making my own at home! Continue reading “Homemade Mr. Bubble using Young Living Essential Oils” »

thoughts on a speech delay

our sweet Liam is three now. he has a compassionate kind heart, just like his daddy. a beautiful outlook on life, and grips every bit of it by the horns, oh, but of course, we have our challenges, after all, he is a threenager now, the willful insistence upon anything that is his idea. like, for instance, throwing all of the pillows off of my bed down the stairs to jump on top of them (this may or may not be the actual events of this morning).


almost a year ago we started speech therapy. we had liam evaluated just after his 2nd birthday for speech. it was not an easy process, as words and diagnoses were thrown on the table. i wanted, mostly, to scoop him up and take him through the pain that we all would experience through the next year.

we were paired with an incredible speech therapist last november where we started our speech therapy adventure.  liam would work hard, for almost an entire hour with his speech therapist, pushing through words that were difficult for him to say. his progress even just a few months later, was incredible. small sentences were starting to form. even though some words were hard to discern, we were communicating verbally at a rate that i couldn’t believe.

as his 3rd birthday neared, we knew we were up for a transition, likely to speech therapy in the schools. we went to a bunch of meetings, as specialists evaluated liam further, deciding if more intervention was needed. an IEP was formed, and an action plan was in place, 90 minutes of speech therapy a week. which meant, three separate 30 minute sessions. this unchartered territory for me was a difficult thing to fathom. how would i be able to get my three year old out the door 3 times a week at 8am and then usher him straight to preschool. in addition, it was my first introduction to the public school system, one i was not quite ready for.

a lot of changes happen when a child turns three, and a lot of those changes revolve around speech and communication. it’s hard to explain to people why your three year old doesn’t communicate on a level that other three year olds do. we know it will be hardest for liam, when his playmates and teachers can’t understand him. the beauty in all of it is the amount of patience he has to repeat things over and over until we finally catch on, even explaining it in different ways using sounds or motions.

we celebrate the small things around here. a three word sentence is gold to us, we rejoice when we hear them. so when you encounter a child or a parent of a child with a speech delay, celebrate the little wins with us. we appreciate this the most.