thoughts on a speech delay

our sweet Liam is three now. he has a compassionate kind heart, just like his daddy. a beautiful outlook on life, and grips every bit of it by the horns, oh, but of course, we have our challenges, after all, he is a threenager now, the willful insistence upon anything that is his idea. like, for instance, throwing all of the pillows off of my bed down the stairs to jump on top.. Read More

Taste & See and Smell the Goodness of Living Well!

Ahhhh! I’m so excited to be hosting a class with the uber talented, super knowledgable Ashley Fagundus. Ashley is a certified health coach and a tremendous resource on living well, linking arms with her we hope to share some powerful information on how to make your home a place of refuge. Giving you tips, easy solutions, and ways to change habits. The results will be huge for you and your family. Here are.. Read More

work in progress

i’m building a bridge between the smiths go paleo, essential oils, isagenix, and design, bear with me as i get all of my ducks in a row. love you guys.